This site is all about giving you honest info about the Fleshlite (also known as Fleshlight).

The Fleshlight has been the best selling male sex toy for years and they have won numerous awards. I started using a Fleshlite three years ago to train myself to last longer – and I never regretted my decision to get one.

I have an extremely active sex life and this toy has helped me get the most out of each sexual experience. I decided to create this site to help others decide on which Fleshlite they should get and how to use it properly. Everything you’ll find on this site is based on personal experience.

Please note that:

I actually own these products

I don’t work for any companies relating to the Fleshlight

I actually have experience with what I recommend and take a no bullshit approach

Stuff you will find on this site:

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  • General info about Fleshlights

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  • Video reviews

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  • Stamina Training Programs

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  • Tips & Tricks

Awesome tips and tricks to help you optimize your Fleshlight experience.


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